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parked in front of a massachusetts home. that home used to belong to the co-founder of alcoholic's anonymous. >> you just go right into the meeting. >> 2012 is coming to an end and the year was fill would with a ton of news from the presidential election to the newton shooting. as we say hello to 2013. we want to know what you think the top stories of year. head over to fox friends first . there is two polls to vote on one is for 2012 and lighter side entertainment stories of the year . we will reveal the results live on monday, new year's eve if you can believe it or not. i can't believe it is new year's eve. "fox and friends" first starts right now. have a great day.
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>> julia: good morning. i am julia hedy in from gretchen. last call in hopes of rescuing off of the fiscal cliff. all that is getting debated is who is at fault and what is the president's plan. according to the white house there is no new proposal. >> and is russia vladimir putin playing with children's lives . what he just did. and the newspapers that published the names of licensed gun owners. fox and friends starts right now. ♪ >> julia: hello, everybody. >> three days left. three days left before we go head first over the fiscal cliff.
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>> julia: before we talk about the fiscal cliff. you did cavuto. you did o'rielly or i mean not o'rielly. the five. today you have this show and then cavuto and then on the five. >> you will be on the five. >> julia: and then other things. >> it is one of those days. iclele ladies and gentlemen, eric bowling -- boling is the mara thon man. >> it is good to be here. >> julia: yes, it is good to be here. >> kelly: thank you for joining us this morning. >> julia: the headlines and fox news alert it appears russian president vladimir putin is trying to make a political point at the expense of orphans. he signed a bill that bans americans from adopting russia children. i can't believe this happening
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in retaliation law for cracking down on russia human rights vialators. >> these children are not available to international adoption until after they have been on a domestic registry for eight months n our son's case, 22 families, russia families came to see him and rejected him because of his blood line. >> julia: this woman was on o'rielly and laura ingraham was hosted it . she had adopted two russian children. she doesn't know if they will see the boy. they have gone over there constantly to get close to the little boy. more than 60,000 russian children have been taken in by americans in the past two decades. massive winter storm that
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killed 16 people so far continues to move over the northeast. it is expected to head into canada today as many travelers are trying to get home after christmas. they had flights cancelled all over the place and delaying 8000 more. many northwest states saw a foot of snow . in vermont, 21 inches. hard-hit arkansas, 200,000 homes and businesses lost power. the bush family said, put away the harps, it is confident that george bush will be out of the intensive care. he has an elevated fever but told his condition is not dire. is he sick, yes. does he plan on going anywhere soon? no. he will stay put. he would ask me to tell you to please put the harps back in the closest. the care in methodist hospital is unequaled to anywhere in
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the world . the nation is mourning the loss much a american hero. norman schwarzkoph, known as stormin normon has died. he led international coalition that drove saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait. former president bush who organized the coalition approved a statement even though he was in intensive care. general norman schwarzkoph has seen this nation through the most trying crisis. more than that he was a good and dear man and a great friend. schwarzkoph was knighted and he was 78 years old. he didn't like to be called stormin' norman. he liked to be called bear. >> he was called bear and in 1981, when i was a young
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sergeant he was my commanding general. >> julia: you will see help him in the hallways. >> kelly: i worked for a public affairs and writing for newspapers and covering pope john paul which general schwarzkoph provided security for. he was an imposing figure and i would walk by him and say hello, sir. you definite low wanted pay attention. he was a general and wound up doing great things as a general's solder and heel be missed. >> he was leading the command that pushed saddam hussein's troops back from the border of kuwait. you remember what happened. lined the troops and said we will take the oil field and kuwait . schwarzkoph part of that group . you were some what involved kelley. >> kelly: i was nolt after. >> but he oversaw a lot of military plans, and that was
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the one where we were all waiting to see what saddam hussein would do. if he took kuwait. he would take different pieces of the middle east and maybe even iran. who knows? but we made a stand at that border. >> kelly: that's when we impose could have gone in and president george bush then, as well as the chief of the army back then of the military colen powell. they decided that that was not the wise thing to do because it would upset everything in the middle east. >> i remember james baker trying to work it out with saddam hussein regime and coming back and the first thing he said. one word that came across the news wires . regretty and the world realized there was a bad conflict in the middle east. >> julia: moving on, president obama is going to meet with the congressional leaders today .
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one of these meetings "i think lindsay graham saying these are usually dog and pony shows. either you have a deal done meetings that are called in the white house or it is just for show. what do you think? >> kelly: i talked to a bunch of congress people yesterday who said there is a group in the house. republicans in the house that said we can't raise taxes and we shouldn't raise them at all but can't do more than john boehner's plan b, and didn't go to a vote. >> one for million. icle >> it would raise you billion in revenue. they were not for it in the first place but maybe get something through if obama willing to cut. obama administration said if you pass it in the house and september passed it, obama would veto it anyway. they are so far apart. this i am flying back from
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hawaii and see if i can bring them back together. they are far apart as they have been. >> kelly: why are they having the meeting? because of the talk and rhetoric is ramping up and the agreement is going down. i mean, for example, senate majority leader harry reid is name calling and calling john boehner a dictator . this is what he had to say. >> the american people i don't think the house representative is operating without the house of representative. it is being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker not allowing the vast majority of the house and representatives to get what they want. >> that sounds ridiculous f. it was a dictatorship boehner would have gotten that vote and he couldn' get the vote. what we should do honestly
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guys, is swan dive ov the fiscal cliff. let president obama own the fiscal cliff. it should be called the obama cliff. >> julia: people know how much they would have to pay. folks on the man on the street interviews . people are looking at the numbers going what. >> kelly: in today's meeting should be a crucial meet the white house should have come with its plan and boehner should have come with a plan and senator reid should come with a plan but senator reid is name call speaker of the house john boehner giving retaliation of what is done . you have a lot of name calling. listen to what boehner said in response to senator reid. senator reid should talk less and legislate more. the house has passed legislation to avoid the entire fiscal cliff and senate democrats have not. now they are coming into the
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meeting and there is already acrimoney instead of reconciliation. >> part of the problem, i am sorry, the house passed two spending bills and ideas to meet the fiscal cliff and cent -- subject it to the senate. they have two over there . john boehner said let me get third plan b . everybody is like where are the republicans on this? they should have stayed firm on the ryan plan. it was the best . back track a year ago. this stems from the failure of the super committee that stemmed from the simpson-bowles commission failing. simpson-bowles. they got together and made the recommendation to president obama who commissioned that study can. >> kelly: and yet rejected it. >> that fail would and went to the super committee. they need to get together.
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>> julia: if you watched fox news channel yesterday. there is a map with red dots and that is the newspaper and the lower hudson valley of upstate new york published the addresses of gun owners and now as you were talking eric, one lawmaker want to make that illegal. >> lawmaker state senator greg ball had this to say on cavuto. >> it is not upon illegal. this is not the first time the editorial board has done it. we have a bipartisan bill in the assembly and it is it a liberal new york state . this bill can get done. it is not about the second amendment only. it is a privacy. they should not done it victims of domestic violence and retired police. no way that the paper should have made it accessible for crim nams and we have seen what nut jobs can be capable
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of. >> they have done it for the handgun owners, publishing names and address said and never did it for domestic violence or sex offenders or sexual predators or any other cause than gun owners, legally and honest and law abiding citizens. >> kelly: that is an issue and perhaps there could be retaliation against the paper. >> julia: and the other said who said foil a freedom of information request and get that information there. it is not offered to you. it is a production to go through and execute that. moving along. here is a recent poll from folks on gun control. here's what the folks are saying. 51 percent of the americans oppose a ban on assault weapons. 64 support arming school officials and 54 percent of the americans have favorable opinion of the nra. i love the story that you did on the 5 that kimberley did
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about the military guys. i don't know what branch he was in. he was standing outside of the school can making sure it was protected. >> kelly: again it shows that americans support the second amendment and right to bear arms because everyone . s to feel they are product exclude if they want to go out hunting they can do that. >> that is a great point, kelley. coming up a company that never fired anyone before is about to. >> i am trying to let people know it is not only hurting our industry but america. >> it is a new meaning to heavy metal. this boy plays drums on the mom's washing machine. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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>> julia: in four days several taxes tied to obama care will go in to effect including the medical device tax. healther found out it is about to impact every american. good to see you. >> that is right. this will pact every consumer. a new tax coming out. the tax will be put on devices that range from mri's to prosthetics and items in every doctor's office and veterinary offices. it will be passed alongg to consumers and manufacturers say it will result in job loss and stifle innovation and upon send jobs over seas. we went to one manufacturer. adm electronics that employs 19 people to ask them what it means for their industry. >> your company is about to be hit with a 2.3 percent tax on medical devices. >> it means more. it is on gross sales and that
3:18 am
can hurt the number of people working for us and number of sales and increase the costs of our device. >> this is a family run business and been in business 40 years. how does it plea out for your company? >> we tried not to lose our employees because we are like family and the devastating impact we may not be able to sustain the number of employees. >> we might have to lay someone off which i have never done before. it is it a tough thing to have to tell somebody. you have no job. >> and to think that our job is the only industry with a tax like this . an excise tax is frustrating and i am trying my best to let people know it is not only hurting our industry but america. >> what is moral like with the men and women who work for you. >> they know it is slow and giving them little thing to do. do this and that .
3:19 am
they are worried. they are very worried. >> our kind much business is what this industry is. of the two million jobs that are in the medical device industry. 80 percent of them are in companies with 50 people are less . we are a small and we are the leaders in the world of innovation and production of this product. why youment to destroy this industry? >> president obama said it will be better for your business and more people will be using the products that you make. what do you say to the president? >> president obamaargument is totally speechless . people will not say let me go for an angio plasty today . these are younger people and don't use that medical devices and also the ones who did need it, they are going to emergency rooms and others. it isly is not helping our business. this is not a political question. this is a question about
3:20 am
america and jobs and work good having good jobs. >> the industry is hoping that president obama is going to reconsider this. it looks like he is sphandingly firm and the new tax will go in effect. >> kelly: you have to hope as this happens and this kind of travesty takes place. he would respond and they could repeal. >> it is so tough on the company. can you see them doing everything they can. >> julia: what are they doing. >> retooling and coming up with new types of business to be able to try to avoid the tax. >> julia: that guy hasn't taken a paycheck. >> he hasn't taken a paycheck. go without a christmas bonous or go on vacation instead . this is told all over the country. >> eric: this is magnified 10s of thousands of times. the risk is that business goes
3:21 am
over seas to places like china and they don't have the scutiny and we might get devices that are not safe. >> kelly: these can go to ireland, heather. thank you very much. we showed you a poll that 64 percent of the americans think that teachers need to be armed . arizona is about to make that happen next. >> julia: smokersment new laws against you. and like snow smokingats work. that will clear out the front of this building. ♪ ♪ but we can still help you see your big picture.
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>> julia: welcome back. second time this month a person was pushed in front of a subway train in new york city. the man was killed and a woman who was talking to herself pushed him on the tracks. his back was turned and they don't know if he knew the woman. they are looking for her. it will be harder for people
3:25 am
to load up. employees in delaware and 3 m will no longer get to go outside for a quick moke break. north dakota dack also banned smoke nothing public places. >> kelly: there is a discussion of how to keep our kids safe in school. >> the only way to stop a monster from killing our kids is to be personally involved and invested in a plan of absolute protection. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. >> kelly: that statement stirred up a lot of controversy. but our next guest agrees and has a solution of his own. tom horn is the attorney general of his own. he proposes arming one
3:26 am
educator per school. attorney general horn, how did you come up with the plan and why are you trying to implement it. >> i tried to come up with a golden mean between two extremes. one point is teachers come nothing the school with guns. i think that creates danger. but if we do nothing and there is an incident like new ton that could have been prevented. one person could be armed. principal or desig nee. i oered to provide training on when and how to secower the fire arm x. offered to provide free training . if the schools want to do it we'll do it. if they don't that is fine. we are offering a free service to my investigators who are sworn police officers and provide training to a principal or his designee.
3:27 am
>> kelly: you are giving the school a choice of agreeing to do this and that training has to be extensive, right. >> yes, not just marksmanship. but training of when and not to shoot and how to exercise judgment . you have simulations. i have gone through this. it simulates thuation and so you learn how to react correctly. >> kelly: you are drawing criticism from other people in arizona . the house minority leader chad campbell makes this statement about the plan. horn's plan to arm principal is a knee jerk reaction and in reality will not keep kids safe. if we believe that safety is a priority, then the legislature can pay for school resource officers and he basically called the plan a horrible
3:28 am
plan. how do you respond. >> i support the idea of school resource. i am not a new comer as he is with it. we had policemen in the school that not only protect against emergency but teach them courses and they make friends with the kid and they learn to confide that the police are their friends and not thes it is a great program. but the legislature and the financial crisis cut back on it it was in the low percentage of the schools and they cut back and even a lower percentage . if we could afford to have a police resource officer in the schools, i would be total low for that. >> kelly: you should be for that . you are the former superintendent of schools in the entire state of arizona. what kind of personal reaction did you have to newtown that spurred the action that you are now taking especially with having the past experience. >> i think that newtown
3:29 am
overwhelmingly upseting to everybody that saw it. it is the most terrible thing imaginable and we can't do nothing in response. we shouldn't do something that causes more trouble than it cures . we can't do nothing. the best way and the middle way and the way to help solve the problem without creating new problems is train one person in the school and hoe's highly train that person could have a gun locked up and available for use to stop somebody who is doing bad things. >> kelly: tom horne in utah and kansas you can carry a weapon on the school if you have a permit. thank you tom horne, good day to you, sir . we'll follow that story. pushing parents . this girl got a restraining order against mom and dad because they wouldn't leave
3:30 am
her alone at school . the epa chief resigned and the reason may be a cover up. stewart varney will weigh in and happy birthday to my good friend. we don't get to see him that often. denzil washington. i brewed him a couple of timings, great guy. ♪ ♪ [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less. and it's four times stronger versus the leading value brand. charmin ultra strong helps keep you and your underwear clean. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
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♪ >> kelly: go, go, go! that is a cool beat and shot the moonering. who anyhow the washing machine can go. he mangs music on the machine and taken drum lessons for a year and these moves are self taught and he's not washed out at all. >> eric: we play music in the break and listen to the who. this is like one in training. >> julia: how about we do headlines. cool. hillary portan is set to
3:34 am
return to the state department. she was out with a stomach virus and missed her date to testify on what she knew about the benghazi terrorist attack senators refusing to confirm john kerry until she testifies . could the answer to adam's deadly rampage be found in his dna? the gunman's dna will be looked at for abnormality and mutigs that indicate violence. it is the first of its kind study. some concerns are raised over whether a stigma could be found in people with certain characteristicings. you wake up to a night out and a scene with the hang over. >> it is a tiger in the bathroom. >> are you okay, buddy? >> no, i am in so much pain
3:35 am
right now. oh, my god. >> the tiger is gone. >> julia: that was eric boling's house last weekend. this could be prevented with asparagus if you are headed out. it contains certain aminnow acids and relieving the unpleasant hang over attacks. anyway, it is hard for parents to let go when their kids go off to the college. one girl got a judge involved. aubery ireland took out a restraining order with her parents. the pair constantly went to university of cincinnati to check up and accused her of doing drugs and they put a tracker on the computer and cell phone. the judge ordered them to stay away until after she graduates. >> kelly: she has a full
3:36 am
scholarship and the school and court agree with her. apparently she is a good student. >> julia: yikes. how about the sports. >> eric: i agree with the helicopter parents. ♪ ♪ >> eric: hall of fame catcher pleading guilty to a misdemeanor dui and have one court of supervise onon. he will pay court costs. he was found passed out in his car in a corn field with an open bottle of vodka. greg mcle roy out because of a concussion . rex ryan's coach going back to mark sanchez. ryan said sanchez is more familiar with the bill's defense and i don't like tebow i think he said. just kidding about the last part.
3:37 am
it is a bad start for the nets. avery johnson fired as head coach. there are reports that the nets will go all out to recruit superstar coach phil jackson. >> julia: too early. >> eric: we'll go to maria molina. yes, no? i am sorry, check out this video. it is new surveillance video of a tornado stuck in mobile, alabama. there you go. parking lot of a walgreen's store. the strong winds lifting up the cars in the parking lot. fortunately no one was seriously hurt . now, we can talk about going to maria molina . take it away maria. sorry about that. >> no problem. fortunately we'll not see tornadic activity in the south
3:38 am
but areas hit hard with tornados in alabama and mississippi will be getting rainfall today. we have a brand new storm system that we are track bringing get more snow on the northeast as we head into torm tomorrow and that storm that just left. expecting a dry day. we got 20 inches was snow in upstate new york and across new england . get ready. another round of snow. it will not be as powerful as the last storm we saw in the last couple of days. there is snow fall nothing southern parts of minnesota and wisconsin and norgern ilillinois and widespread in iowa. you will look at 3-six inches of snow and nothing too bad and rain in the south and move nothing areas across memphis and it is headed to the northeast. as we head in saturday morn pennsylvania and midatlantic and northern parts of virginia.
3:39 am
you will be getting snow and that includes us here in new york city. 1-3 inches of snow expected. nothing too major and areas that will locally get more snow . that includes the state of the rhode island. they could be seeing a foot of snow and looking at six inches there out in central rhode island . temperatures are cold in the midwest and five degrees below zero? in rapid city. >> kelly: you should more what we talk about. >> julia: we are saying maria is lovely and fantastic. >> kelly: adorable . shake up in the environmental protection agency. after four years of battling industry leaders and issues of climate change . power plant and key stone pipe line, head of epa, lisa jackson announced she is stepping down. is this a victory for american
3:40 am
business? stewart varney is here to weigh in. >> no, it will be a victory for american business if the new person in the epa was in favor of business and in favor of economic growth in contrast to lisa jackson who hates business and wants to regulate business in the ground and has no interest in growth at all it is not a victory period. >> eric: talk about how lisa jackson can step down without addressing that controversial issue of her using aliases in her e-mails doing official business of a male alias. >> she did business . had a secret e-mail account under the name of richard winsor obviously not lisa jackson . that's the name she used it was an alias. there is an investigation that began this month. what was in the secret e-mail account? was she discussing policy in the epa or rule make supposed
3:41 am
to be transparent. this kind of policy discussion is supposed to be out front and available to everybody. if it in the secret e-mail account under the name of richard win sor. that's not what you are posed to do. she's under investigation for that and resigned. i don't think that is why she resigned and left, i simply don't know that. but she is under. >> julia: what is her legacy? >> she fit right into the obama administration. she's anti-business . she led the charge against coal and oil on behalf of the president. president obama. >> kelly: why did she do that? >> she's anti-business. she's a big global warmer and wants to go after fossil fuels and coil and oil and she went after them. >> eric: some are saying she used the private e-mail with the alias to go after the coal industry. >> we don't know that.
3:42 am
i don't know what was in the secret e-mail account. that is pure speculation. but you shouldn't have a secret e-mail account you are epa administrator. what are you hiding is the obvious question. what are you hiding? were you in fact going after coal and oil secretly? we don't know. >> julia: we don't know if it is personal business or on the work computer. >> that is entirely possible. >> eric: the courts will open up the e-mails. >> they should. >> kelly: we'll find out. >> we'll find out. she after the state of the union speech that takes place next month. >> kelly: i know emanuel cleaver chairman. black caucus said she would be missed because of the contributions she made to the africa-american community. how does that wash with the resignation. >> i don't think that is any part of it whatsoever. >> kelly: okay. >> she is sayingly she is leaving to spend more time
3:43 am
with family and has been there four years. not that she's had enough. but want to pursue other interest. >> kelly: thank you for joining us and we'll get into the e-mails. see you on the business network. that is an old picture by the way. >> kelly: coming up . what we saw from iran and egent 2012 could be nothing as what could be unfolding in 2013. >> julia: check this out. this guy was paralyze not supposed to walk again. your first look at new technology. dr. seigel is in to tell us about a medical miracle. ♪ ♪
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3:47 am
iranian conflict, will that heat up. >> sure. israel has to stop or delay it and iran presidential election and when there is a political crisis you pick a fight with israel. >> eric: we need to point out not the president of iran that has the power but the mullahs. >> right. >> eric: chaos in syria spread? >> it is already spreading. al-qaida operatives trying to carry out terrorist attack in jordan and face a, the dictator that is a proxy of iran and fighting militants and muslim brotherhood. >> eric: how does it theten america. >> this is a stronghold for al-qaida there. is plenty of good rebel to work with and we didn't . secular rebels don't control what is happening on the ground. >> eric: serious threat.
3:48 am
middle eastern oil turmoil. what can happen. >> everyone focus on the conflict of iran and israel. but there is a conflict between saudi arabia and iran . the fact that iranian tried to launch a cyber attack. shows that saudi arabia is on the target list. >> eric: interesting to note not just the line a cyber attack on oil. >> there is many ways to go after that oil infrastructure. >> eric: they are not going after the saudies, but going after the western economies. >> absolutely. that is the intention of going after the saudi pipe line. >> eric: muslim brotherhood, i are followed them for a long time and warning about the threats of muslim brotherhood. diagonal me about the threat. >> they are taken over egypt and instituting sharia law. but they follow
3:49 am
expansiononist. but things they want to do before hand. they want a united arab state. a coalition that destroys israel. they took over ei didn't want and they are not done and first, they are going to aim jordan and saudi arabia and other countries. >> eric: muslim brotherhood believes sharia law above u.s. >> they use law of. a this attacked me of a fear mong yer then they instituted sharia law. >> eric: terrorist attack on the u.s. soil. >> home grown terrorist attack will get worse because we have not discredited the islamist idea ooling that fuel its. as numbers grow, it is harder to keep track and in benghazi, the system fails. >> eric: ryan mauro. moral of the story see something, say something. thank you very much.
3:50 am
it is called the medical miracle and helping paralyzed people walk again. dr. martin seigel is here with the brand new break through technology . the supreme court striking down a request from a christian business on the heels of the same justice ruling in favor of muslim inmates. is there a double standard over the fight with the faith? ♪ ♪ you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my motr was so wrong about you. next, we get priory boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. there is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with speci perks on united.
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get it and you're in.
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3:53 am
>> julia: welcome back. it is like a real-life iron man. a robot help the paralyzed walk again. dr. mark seigel went to mount sinai to check it out. >> did you think you would be able to walk again? >> no. in my mind i told myself i would even with the doubts of the doctors and i said i will get back on my feet. >> julia: dr. mark seigel is here. this is most incredible. watching that video gives me chills.
3:54 am
you hung out with manny. tell us about him. >> one day he's in a wheelchair and lying there and next day with the help of the robot able for the first time in years to look somebody in the eyes and being able to stand eye level was eeuphoric and helped him psychologically and improves tones and circulation . everything is improving in his health. >> julia: what is this contraption. >> this is a exoskelton and helping soldiers carry weight on their man. repabillitation people said we can help it to help people walk. it is 48 pound and computer drin and manny can move his arms and then his legs move. it is like a space suit and they are call an iron man.
3:55 am
the doctor who is head of the division said it takes the place of nerve growth factors and let's take a listen. >> technology is the break through to allow them to be back on their feet and walk about and perhaps a lot sooner than we will see the results from the biology and the cellular based research in the various labratories in the world. >> julia: so who would this be available for? >> julia only in rehab facilities. 30 hospital in the country. it is expensive. $100,000ever are $140,000. in the next couple of years in your home and use it instead of wheelchair to hup get around. >> julia: you spent time with manny and first time he was able to walk and tell us what
3:56 am
his reaction was. >> he said it is just like walking. is this not exactly like walking. >> he said it is like walking. he can't feel his legs and the commurt programs and so it his his gait down and he's walking the way he used to. ualjulwas he crying. >> he was laugh smile wants to work. he's still working even thope he is paralyzed . this is it a miracle for the holiday season. it is to be medicine in twen13. >> julia: keep us updated on that . it is great. you look great by the way. >> thank you, you do, too. >> julia: washington teeters on a fiscal cliff. one ohio county is sitting debt-free and how do they do it? five folks meeting in the white house, maybe they should check it out. what happened to joane cunning
3:57 am
ham it is it a sad story. the top celebrity melt down of 2012. ♪ ♪ mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation.
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to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. comfort individualized. save 50% on the final closeout of our silver limited edition bed plus special financing through new years day. >> juliet: good morning, everybody. it's friday, december 28, i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. all eyes are on the white house
4:00 am
today as the president calls a last minute meeting with congressional leaders on the fiscal cliff. will a deal be made or will it continue to be a blame game? we're live in washington with the latest. >> kelly: then the supreme court striking down a request from a christian business, but that same justice ruling in favor of muslim inmates. is there a double standard here? >> eric: and this isn't something you see every day in the news. ♪ . >> eric: you know what's happened? there is a tree falling ♪ >> eric: reporter's way of saying tgif. by the way, we do that here all the time, don't we? >> juliet: oh, please, guys. >> eric: "fox & friends" starts right now.
4:01 am
>> juliet: we do it here all the time. >> kelly: yeah, i got you. >> juliet: i thought there was going to be some other part to that story, like i found a couple bottles of vodka. >> kelly: oh, my. >> juliet: just kidding. hi, how is everybody. >> eric: all good. >> juliet: good. get to some headlines now. we'll move to serious stuff. the nation is mourning the loss of an american hero. general herbert norman schwarzkopf, known as storming norman or bear, has died of complications from pneumonia. he commanded the coalition that drove saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait back in 1991 during operation desert storm. former president george h.w. bush, who organized the coalition, approved a statement, he's still in intensive care. but he says general norman schwarzkopf epitomizeed the country creed and seen this great nation through its most
4:02 am
trying international crisis. more than that, he was a good and decent man and a dear friend. norm normal received honors for serving in vietnam. he was 78 years old. speaking of george bush, the bush family says put away the harps. they are confident he will soon be out of intensive care. he has an elevated fever, but we're told his condition is not dire. his chief of staff says is he sick? yeah. does he plan on going anywhere soon? no. he has every intention of staying put. he would ask me to tell you to please put the harps back in the closet. becker added, the care at methodist hospital is unequal to anywhere in the world. we'll have a live report on that hospital at the bottom of the hour. the massive winter storm that killed at least 16 people so far is moving across the northeast. it will head up to canada today. many travelers trying to get home.
4:03 am
the storm canceled at least 1,000 flights yesterday. delaying 8,000 more. many northeast states saw over a foot of snow. arkansas, 200,000 homes and businesses lost power. look at this, double rescue on frozen lake erie after a dog wanders onto the ice and gets stuck and then the guy gets stuck. the dog and his owner were out for a walk when bart wandered away and fell through the ice. while waiting for rescue crew, the man tried to help and then he fell through. they kept each other warm until help arrived. they were both expected to be all right. that's good to hear. that's it for the headlines. >> kelly: we want to get to something else. in about eight hours from now, the leaders of congress will meet with president obama at the white house. it could be the last shot to avoid going over the so-called fiscal cliff. but is the meeting just for show or could we really truly be close to a deal? doug is live in washington with more details, what are we in
4:04 am
for? >> to be a fly on the wall in this meeting. these are the players that will be there today. the president with congressional leaders from both parties to see if they can get something done. it may be substantive, it may be window dressing. >> any time you announce a meeting publicly in washington, it's usually for political theater purposes. nothing good ever comes from it. there is one thing you have to do in politics. if the president meets with a foreign leader, you want to make sure you know what's going to happen at the meeting. when the president calls congressional leaders to the white house, it's all political theater or they've got a deal. my bet is all political theater. >> kelly: well, we will see. >> congress thee receipticcally could get something done. we saw the congress work yesterday. the house is going to be back here getting some work done apparently on sunday, again, very close to the deadline. the problem here may be the tone. we're getting a lot of name calling here on capitol hill, including yesterday with harry reid accused john boehner of
4:05 am
being a dictator. >> the american people i don't think understand the house of representatives is operating without the house of representatives. it's being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker. not allowing the vast majority of the house of representatives to get what they want. >> that drew this response from speaker boehner. the senator reid should talk less and legislate more. the house already passed legislation to avoid the entire fiscal cliff. the senate democrats have not. now, the final point here, and this is going to -- but believe it or not, we're also talking about milk. it's not directly part of the fiscal cliff, but because congress didn't pass a farm bill this year, you have these bizarre 1949 price supports that would go back into effect unless congress can fix that. if they don't, the price you pay at the grocery store is going to skyrocket. maybe several dollars a gallon.
4:06 am
so because of that, congress wants to make a milk fix part of any part of fiscal cliff fix if they can do one or the other before the year ends. back to you guys. >> juliet: listening to them, what senator reid says about boehner and boehner's response. they sound like they're real housewives of dc or something. >> eric: they're nowhere near a deal. i think i have this figured out. president obama came back from hits vacation saying let's see if we can get something together, knowing very well that they can't. the house and senate are so far apart, neither one will even entertain the idea -- >> juliet: so why have a meeting? >> eric: you look like you're trying o do the right thing. these bush tax cuts will expire december 31, 72 hours from now, whatever the number is. if president obama comes back in january sometime and says, you know what, house republican members, i have an idea. let's lower taxes 'cause they went back up. let's lower taxes back to where they were last year for the people making under $250,000 a
4:07 am
year and let's call them the obama tax cuts. it looks like he's the tax cutter and if you're a republican in the house, you go, wait a minute, i'm supposed to be for lower taxes. how can i vote no for lowering taxes on anybody? >> kelly: you allude to a very important point to why critics of this entire mess have gone on to say that perhaps president obama knew that he wanted to have a fiscal cliff, for example, charles krauthammer, look what he has to say. >> right up until now, obama has what he wanted, which was a partisan political success. he's been less worried fiscal solution for two reasons. number one, he does not care about debt. he hasn't in the four years. and number two, he thinks he's a political winner if we go over the cliff. he thinks he's holding all the cards. >> the real outrage is that what started as an effort to trim the size and scope of government, whether it was the bush tax cuts a decade ago or whether it was the debate over the debility
4:08 am
ceiling just over a year ago is going to likely end up as an effort to expand the size and scope of government. that's something that can only happen in washington. >> eric: both of those guys make very good points. a lot of people are asking why would you say go over the fiscal cliff? i have a lot to lose if we go over the fiscal cliff. my taxes would go up. i'm heavily invested in the stock market. it will probably take a big hit. but in the long run, the only way to solve america's debt problem -- we have a debt problem. we have a very bad debt problem. we're on our way to $20 trillion in debt, maybe 25 in the next five to ten years. the only way to fix that is go over the fiscal cliff 'cause clearly democrats don't want to cut spending. they'll have to be forced into that and the only way that happens is hit the sequestration, the things that the fiscal cliff will bring of the that's why. i'll take the medicine, the pain now for a healthier economy going forward. >> kelly: there are a lot of economists who agree because they're saying if we go through this, it will be pain for
4:09 am
everybody, 2,000, $4,000 added to our tax for the next year or so. and potentially, after that we will rebound and all those automatic spending cuts will go into effect. >> juliet: we've been following this drama involving hobby lobby. the company plans to defy a federal mandate that came out. it required it to offer the morning after pill. and hobby lobby, the owners of the company say, but they don't want to do that. it defies what they believe. they're going to be defying this order. they're going to risk fines of up to $1.3 million per day because they said on principle, we can not do this. >> kelly: here is the reason why. they're a faith-based organization. even though they're in business. this is a faith-based business and this would go against their belief that they should not be involved in this kind of practice. yet you have both sides now fighting about this issue. we're going to listen to them right now.
4:10 am
>> this particular case, hobby lobby is a for profit corporation. it makes money. its owners decided to take the fruits of a for profit corporation, but that corporation now wants to not have the responsibilities of the law so they want the products and benefits of making money, but just don't want to have the obligation that for profit corporations have. >> i don't see where the first amendment to the united states constitution, which forgets the free exercise of religion, says it only applies to certain entities. it doesn't. and the idea that congress here, through the president's plan, has burdened the religious exercise of hobby lobby to the point where they're being compelled to violate their conscience, i can't imagine the founders would have thought that to be a very good idea. again, i go back to the basic point. all they had to do was keep a status quo here. >> kelly: that's a very good point here 'cause they're facing a million dollars in fines every day and they provide a lot of employment. what happens to a company like this because they're standing on their faith principles?
4:11 am
>> eric: it's a tough call. it's like chick-fil-a, the same thing. the difference with that is that people came and said we're going to support chick-fil-a. they got that support. this is a big one because if hobby lobby wins this, they probably already lost it, but if they somehow prevail in the courts, there are a lot of faith-based companies, founders of companies that would like to do the same. the question is, will there be anyone else besides churches and religious organizations that get waivers? at one point unions were getting waivers, states looking to get waivers. if anyone else gets a waiver for any reason, i would say hobby lobby and faith-based organization, even if they're for profit should have the option to get a waiver for it. >> juliet: definitely. >> kelly: the judge in this case, though, here is the interesting thing. the judge, you heard about this, it turns out that the justice who ruled against this christian business, hobby lobby, previously ruled in favor of muslim inmates. what's up with that?
4:12 am
>> eric: sotomayor. all you can say is faith is under fire. it's under fire and she has different opinions on who should be allowed to practice religion. >> kelly: make no bones about it, none of us are against any particular religion, but if you're going to give favor to one and it's muslim inmates and you can't give favor to a viable christian business, wait a minute, we don't want to go over that slope, there is something wrong. >> juliet: let us know what you feel about this. e-mail us. and we'll get you some of your e maims later in the show. as washington teeters on the fiscal cliff, one county in ohio is sitting pretty. this county is actually debt free. a lot of folks are looking at this and going, wait a second, those guys are meeting in seven hours, maybe they should watch this segment.
4:13 am
let's tape it and send it over there. >> eric: and then his job was to protect his quarterback. now one nfl player making a shocking admission about why he tried to hurt him. >> juliet: what the quarterback is saying now years later. ♪ ♪ [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> eric: imagine this, a government that isn't in debt and actually opinions what it makes. no, we're not talk being our federal government, of course. we're talking about warren county, ohio, somehow lawmakers there have managed to keep the county debt free while growing their population and guess what? they say it's easy. joining us now to explain, commissioner of warren county, mr. dave young. okay, dave, there are five guys,
4:16 am
four guys, pelosi, boehner, reid and mcconnell, along with president obama, who might want to watch this segment. how did you do it in warren county, ohio? >> well, we try to keep it simple. me and two others don't think this government stuff is all that hard. hard is being out of a job and not being able to make your mortgage payment. hard is having a sick child. running a government and living within your means, not hard. so really the folks in washington should try to put aside some of their own petty concerns and say, let's be a statesman. let's step up and try to do what's right for the country. >> eric: how did you do it? did you raise taxes? looks like you have a projected $20 million reserve fund for next year. how? explain how did you it. >> yes. essentially we try -- we're 220,000 person county outside of cincinnati, home of great corporate citizens like procter & gamble and others. we got king's island, western
4:17 am
southern tennis tournament is housed in warren county. what we trio do is foster environment where people and businesses want to come to warren county. so we actually have the lowest marginal tax rates of the surrounding counties and we try taphouse there are environment to where we know we can only do so much in government. so essentially we don't try to do all things to all people. so in a lot of ways we say no more than we say yes, which i think is one of the keys in government is not just thinking about your own political vested interest, 'cause it's easy to make friends in politics by saying yes to everybody. if you think a checkbook is not really yours or the taxpayers, it's someone else's and you can pass out money like it's candy, everybody in the world is going to love you. but when you sit around and look somebody in the eye and say no, they tend not to like you. we've got the ability to do that inside of warren county. >> eric: a lot of municipals are having a hard time because of unions. how is your union contract? have you renegotiated any of those? or are those that were put in place years ago that are still
4:18 am
okay with your budget? >> for the most part we've got a good working relationship with our employees. they really try to be partners with us. actually a lot of our folks, we try to be good to our employees, so most of our employees are union. our sheriff's deputies are in a union. we've got certain, two or three other smaller unions inside of the county. for the most part, we try to take care of our employees. they don't see the need to unionize inside of warren county. >> eric: last question, one piece of advice to the people in washington, d.c. trying to fix our fiscal house right now. >> live within your means. it's always vogue to be fiscalcally conservative when things get tough. the way you really get financially solid is be fiscally conservative all the time. save. that's why we have a $22 million surplus inside of warren county, have not laid anybody off and have a great environment for people to raise their families and run a business. >> eric: we'll tel leave it the.
4:19 am
thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: next up, it's the best deal out there. a $12 plane ticket. details on these real cheap seats. then what happened to joany cunningham, the "happy days" star? almost homeless now. the top celebrity meltdowns of 2012. stick around, that's going to be good my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. campbell's has 24 new soups
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4:22 am
>> juliet: 21 minutes past. news by the numbers. 4 million. that's how many struggling homeowners have until monday to take advantage of a free foreclosure review to see their owed money by banks. as of last week, 365,000 people had taken advantage of that offer. next, $15. that's how much it costs to get a seat in the new tweeting section at a minneapolis theater. it's for patrons who can't step away from their phones. go ahead, sit there. sit outside actually. and finally, $12. that's how much plane tickets are on cape air if you're flying to boston or new york city.
4:23 am
but there is a catch. you can only depart from lebanon, new hampshire. the proposals is expected to help boost federal funding for the small airport. there go. >> kelly: as we continue to get ready for 2013, we're also getting ready to a countdown of looking back on 2012, taking a look at some of the biggest celebrity meltdowns of the past year and joining us with the top five is patrick. i hope i get your last name right. >> juliet: hi, patrick. >> good morning. >> juliet: let's start with amanda beans. she was a big tweens star and disney girl and what happened to her? >> she plays the role of innocence and then says to the world, i'm not attracted to alcohol or the club scene. but lo and behold, she gets pulled over for dui and also charged with leaving the scene of two separate accidents. but that's not the biggest problem. the biggest problem is in an act of narcissism, she tweets that
4:24 am
the u.s. president should fire the arresting officer. it's as if she's saying to the president, you're my daddy, come and help me. she's completely disconnected from reality. >> eric: let's talk about number four, liam hemsworth. what happened? >> walks out of a bar, thinks someone is throwing rocks at him, so he and his friend grabbed a guy while his friend holds him down. liam beats on him. this is not self-protection or self-defense. it's anger turning into rage. and it's a terrible example and obviously he has a bad friend. >> eric: he's engaged to milely cyrus. >> juliet: maybe he's-up set with her hair style or something. bad joke. >> kelly: kristen stewart? >> you know, for women, the most potent aphrodisiac is power. she becomes enamored with the director, rupert. but rupert is a married man with
4:25 am
two children. so her actions are focusly ripping apart a family. we need to be aware of the consequences of every action that we take, particularly if we like self-dis-- lack discipline or self-control. >> eric: let's talk about number two, erin moran, joany on "happy days." meltdown how? >> it's very sad because a lot of child actresses don't know how to adjust, become adjusted into society. she's obviously very ownly because she's almost timeless, living out of motels. and it's alleged she spends $65,000 settlement for her royalties on alcohol and partying. she's very lonely. she's offering a back rubs in park lots. where are her friends? >> kelly: yeah, that's a thing to point out. >> juliet: there are a lot of fo "happy days," and i know that a lot of them reached out to her, but she was very angry them and there was a lot of kind of strange behavior from
4:26 am
her. >> kelly: if you make bad choices, sometimes the response is that you continue to make bad choices because you feel alienated from people and you're embarrassed. >> eric: before we highlight who the number one is, i bet you everyone out there knows who number one is going to be. you want to take it? go ahead. who is number one this year? >> lindsay lohan. a sign of the most run-ins with the law, aside with the problems with the irs seizing her bank accounts and acting is subpar. the worst thing that she did, which was a display of not only self-righteousness, arrogance and callousness, but a complete disconnect from the people, she tweets that the victims of hurricane sandy are projecting negativity. she obviously has no connection to the real people. >> eric: she's probably the biggest celebrity meltdown of 11, 10. >> juliet: and keep on going. patrick. >> five years out of the past
4:27 am
six. >> eric: there you go. >> kelly: you ask the question, where are the people who should be supporting her as well. >> juliet: elmo? >> kelly: we know what happened to him. >> eric: thank you patrick. >> juliet: where is hillary? word this morning she's heading back to work. so can we expect to finally hear from her regarding benghazi? one of the lawmakers fighting for answers coming up next. >> kelly: then we hated traffic until we saw this guy. the local reporter that dances his way through friday. >> juliet: i think we need to book him. ♪ a tree's falling ♪ . >> kelly: i love that. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card
4:28 am
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♪ big old tree ♪ tree's falling ♪ . >> near mount hope. ♪ ♪ . >> this is kind of awkward, isn't it? ♪ i think there is going to be a long, long line of cars to get to you work on time ♪ ♪ i'm just the man to get you there from home ♪ ♪ oh, no, no, no ♪ . >> eric: that's your shot of the
4:31 am
morning. >> juliet: awesome! >> eric: this is an ohio reporter for good morning, cincinnati, bob herzog, holds dance party friday every week on the extra mile. nome to give traffic updates, but certainly to entertain as well. he's doing a good job. >> kelly: i sense someone is going to pick that up and run with it. >> juliet: oh, yeah. he's all over the internet. i followed him on twitter. all righty. so i'm not going to sing to this because it's a serious story. this is the storm we're talk being that killed 16 people so far. it's moving up into the canadian area. canceled 1,000 flights for people returning home for the holidays and a bunch more were delayed. let's go to maria molina live in the weather center. >> thankfully that storm is exiting the northeast, lingering snow showers across maine. we have yet again another storm system that we're tracking across the center of the country and it's kind of disorganized
4:32 am
now. you have one area of it. that's just producing snow across parts of the midwest and the great lakes, and then another section of it that's producing rain in areas further south. the snowfall across wisconsin, northern parts of illinois and iowa, we're talking about three to six inches of snow locally. otherwise generally lighter snow amounts. across the south, some of these areas actually saw tornadoes with that last storm system, places like alabama, mississippi, and do have clean-up efforts to do out there. we're talking about areas of heavy rain and thunderstorms rolling through portions of mississippi and alabama throughout the day today and eventually both areas will unite and head toward the northeast as we head into this weekend and you're going to be looking at snowfall pretty widespread across parts of the mid atlantic, including you in washington, d.c., pen, upstate new york. this will be weaker and won't be producing tornadoes in the south or too much snowfall across northeast. it's going to be out of the area as wehood into sunday. you will notice a lot of wind with this particular storm and
4:33 am
also some areas across eastern connecticut, parts of rhode island, and eastern massachusetts could be picking up significant snowfall, over six inches possible. pennsylvania, three inches. we could be seeing some here in new york city. >> juliet: all right. we'll get a little snow for the new year. >> eric: tough storm, but these ski areas, ski-related businesses have had two real tough years out of the last three. >> juliet: that's true. >> eric: a lot of people employed in those jobs. >> kelly: it cause a lot of tie-ups for people who want to get home. good silver lining. >> juliet: i got friends coming in from florida today. they're like please, let it snow. all right. now let's get to some headlines. new photos show north korea has repaired flooding damage at its nuclear test facility. it could launch its next missile test in as little as two weeks. that's the analysis of johns hopkins. the report says there is still
4:34 am
water streaming out of a tunnel. that could pose problems. if a deal isn't reached by midnight on sunday between labor union shipping at ports from boston to houston, could be halted. insiders say a deal looks like a long shot. right now over 14,000 workers are threatening to strike at 14 major ports. you see them go all along the south and east coast. not only will a strike cause billions of dollars a day, it will force shipping costs to rise. things will be delayed coming in. right now the union is fighting for workers to be paid per shipping container, which comes out to a salary of $124,000 per year for each worker. mother nature adding insult to injury to people still trying to recover from super storm sandy. many in sea bright, new jersey, was devastated down there, say this week's nor'easter was like being kicked while down. one homeowner picked what she could salvage from sandy in a container. she sadly discovered it flooded.
4:35 am
>> i don't know what to do about that. i'll have to -- first of all, get it out and get it someplace and dry it out. >> juliet: i drove down there three weeks ago, i could not believe what i saw. about 150 out of the 300 people who live there stayed. so now a lot of people have to come back and check to see if there is more storm damage. such a nightmare. talk about an offensive play. former tackle brown on the left admitting intention missed a black so his own team's qb would get hurt. brown said he was upset scott mitchell was playing poorly in 1994. brown says now he completely regrets it. mitchell says this revelation is painful. >> kelly: painful indeed, his own teammate. >> juliet: yeah. >> kelly: talk about friendly fire. >> juliet: yeah, really. >> kelly: secretary of state hillary clinton finally expected to return to work next week.
4:36 am
she spent the last three weeks recovering from a stomach virus and concussion that forced her to miss her date to testify in the benghazi attack that killed four americans in september. lawmakers say until hillary clinton testifies, they'll hold up john kerry has confirmation for secretary of state. >> eric: joining us now is sout carolina congressman and member of the house foreign affairs committee, mr. jeff duncan. good to have you on. first of all, why haven't we heard from hillary clinton? i understand concussions. i know them all too well. but really? three, four weeks now to testify? >> well, she needs to testify and i think she will. i'm optimistic she will. her office verified she was ill. i know the travel schedule, she gets worn down. i'll give her the benefit of the doubt. she needs to come testify. she was the person in charge at the department of state on september 11 when the attack in benghazi happened. and there are questions that need to be answered. >> kelly: there have been some
4:37 am
people who criticized hillary clinton for what happened in benghazi and because of that, there has been the innuendo that she didn't want to testify. however, i don't see that being part of her character. she will testify this month, because she would like to put this to rest before she actually retires. >> i think she will. i think it's about her legacy now. she was in charge. i think she's willing to come and testify. she always has seemed willing to answer any questions. so we look forward to that testimony. we look forward to answering the questions about what happened in benghazi, what happened leading up. mistakes were made. the report was very, very clear that mistakes were made. warning signs were missed either intentionally, ignored or just missed, but they were missed. we want to know what happened leading up to benghazi, what happened the night of the attack, why certain assets weren't brought to bear to rescue four americans that lost their lives there. and then ultimately what happened in the aftermath with
4:38 am
the obama administration and their intent to mislead the american people. >> eric: that's very important. let's stay on that. we had heard that assistant secretary for security, secretary of state for security, eric boswell, was going to resign or be replaced and then three others as well. now we find out, i think the "new york post" broke the story a couple days ago, that these four are absolutely still going to work for the state department, might be back to work in as short as a couple of days from now. >> well, that's disgraceful that they're still working at the department of state. the american people want accountability. the secretary needs to come and testify whether these folks are still working for the department of state or whether this was a true resignation. are we seeing more and more smoke and mirrors out of the obama administration? these are questions, degette mate questions that need to be answered by the secretary. >> juliet: what do you think? you saw the headline, we had the headline was bogus resignations, question mark. what do you think? >> well, i want answers to the
4:39 am
questions. if they were bogus, then it's more smoke and mirrors, somebody needs to be held accountable. i believe secretary clinton needs to answer these questions and ultimately i think the administration needs to answer a lot of questions with regard to benghazi and the mistakes that were made. >> kelly: primarily because this was due to systemic failures all along the chain and we need to learn so we can move on from that. sir, we thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> juliet: have a good morning. with the fiscal cliff looming, you might be digging deeper into your pockets at the grocery store. this new year, if congress doesn't take action on the farm bill, the cost of milk could more than double. theresa, my friend, is live in new york city and has the details on that. good morning. >> good morning to you. as the clock strikes 12 on december 31, a lot of things in your life are going to end up costing you more, including the cost of milk that is if congress doesn't act. what are we talking about? a truman era law that is tangled
4:40 am
up in congress' web. as i mentioned, it expires december 31. if it does, basically the government will be forced to buy vast quantities of milk at twice the wholesale rate, sending the price you pay to 6, 7, even $8 a gallon. some people are calling it a milk cliff, just what we need when we're talking about the fiscal cliff. technically not tied to budget negotiations, but still that money has to come out of your pocket. here is chris gailen from the american milk producers federation. >> farm bill is like this low hanging ornament on the congressional christmas tree that if they just embrace it, they can automatically come up with tens of billions of dollars in budget savings. >> now, while we're talking about the milk cliff and the fiscal cliff, there is the debt ceiling, which we will reach december 31 as well. congress is due back to work sunday. they'll work sunday, monday and hopefully hammer out a deal, or multiple deals.
4:41 am
that's the latest, back to you in the studio. >> juliet: thanks, theresa. >> kelly: we were talking that milk is higher than gas! >> juliet: i know. there is going to be a run on that in that refrigerator over there. >> eric: the ripple effect will be tough. it's going to be tough medicine to swallow. we need to take the medicine to get through this. >> kelly: forget the beef. >> juliet: all righty. it's a hard topic to approach. what do you say to somebody who is facing tragedy? our next guest knows firsthand and she has some advice on what you should never do. >> kelly: then could it be a divine intervention? cops say this guy drove drunk on the founder of alcoholics anonymous. you can't make this up. >> juliet: oh, wow ! ing it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin,
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles or serious allergic skin reactions like blisters, peeling rash, hives, or mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, liver diase and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may ocr upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. er. >> eric: talk about a sign, this man was drunk when he parked his car on the front lawn of a massachusetts home. but there is a kicker here. that home used to belong to the co-founder of alcoholics anonymous and neatings are still being held inside. and looks like this great dane made a new best friend.
4:45 am
check it out. his name is scooby. he's snuggling up with his baby, even gives kisses to the video as nearly 600,000 hits on youtube. >> kelly: that's a great picture. in the wake of a tragedy, people often want to lend a helping hand, but aren't sure the right way to go about doing it. our next guest says she knows firsthand what works and what doesn't when it comes to being the shoulder you can lean on and she has coined the method terminal etiquette. joining us is louise to shed insight from your personal perspectives on this. before we do that, you know, we've all been gripped with this tragedy that unfolded in newtown with the sandy hook school shooting and it gripped all of us. when we see tragedies like this and we know parents are suffering or a child is suffering, how do we best put out that helping hand?
4:46 am
what's the proper way to do it? >> from our personal experience and our family, a very nice thing to do is to be pro-active in helping. a lot of people and obviously they mean well by saying, let me know if there is something i can do, or let me know if there is something you need. that almost puts the onus back on the person who is already suffering. so to be pro-active and helping people. coming up with a plan l it's making dinner on a weekly basis or taking their kids to activities, whatever they may need and sort of thinking in their shoes what they may need and actually putting it into action. >> kelly: and then trying to meet that need. but sometimes when a person is going through this, persons observes an individual or friend or relative going through a tragic set of circumstances, they don't always know how to go out and take responsibility for that person's needs. they feel like they're intruding, right? >> yeah. it's wise to see if what you're planning is something the family
4:47 am
needs or would like ahead of time. you can always think on a day-to-day basis if you have children, the amount of activities that your kids are involved in or the amount -- just even going to the grocery store, a simple gesture as dropping off groceries or actually -- a friend of mine just dropped off gift cards to the local grocery store for us and that was so thoughtful. >> kelly: after the tragedy happens and people have moved on, sometimes you really need to give -- to help them, that's the most important time, after the tragedy. >> i believe that is true. especially in our experience, we felt that as well. there is the difference between the medical, in our case, the medical crisis and emotional crisis comes a little way down the road. that is oftentimes when people do need the help. >> kelly: you refer to yourself. what was your personal experience? >> we have a family illness. my husband suffers from a rare
4:48 am
disorder which is connective tissue disorder that causes spontaneous rupture of arteries and organs. so his journey started off with an aortic dissection back in 2005, which sort of the only analogy the surgeon made to me at the time was the actor john ritter. >> kelly: the tear in the heart. >> the tear in the lining of the aorta. and my husband has an underlying disease that caused his dissection. so our journey continued beyond that. he we want to work one morning and didn't come home for six weeks. then it was an more thanking surgery. we went to the cleveland clinic. >> kelly: those are a lot of surgeries and a lot of expense on you not only emotionally, but certainly financially. >> sure. >> kelly: how did you get help or what did you have to do? what did you go through? >> we've been through a lot. obviously as you said, financially, the time we had a business. we've lost the business.
4:49 am
and so as a wife and mother, you have to step back and see what else you can do to help the family and i've always been a writer, so i needed to take something that was initially a hobby and really turn it into more of a career. so i focused a lot on that and at the time our house actually went into foreclosure, as if we needed something else after dealing with all the struggle of the medical struggle. so i really needed to turn things around and stepped up with the writing. >> kelly: so you had this cascade of problems falling on you, and then you turned to your talents. a lot of people need to moment you turned to your talent, what you had in your hand and started using that. you write stories now about children. you write books for children. >> right. >> kelly: how is that going for you? >> it's going well. i had a chapter book series that launched last week. >> kelly: what's it about? >> called "the secret nut club," a group of kids -- i also work with children in the elementary school. so it was a nice fit for -- i'm kind of active with the audience. and it's about a group of kids
4:50 am
and they're all centered around community service projects, so the first two launched and the third and fourth are under contract. >> kelly: so that's really a silver lining in all of this about being hopeful and being pro-active and helping out families, right? and then finding your resources within because your family that was beis the by tragic circumstances and yet, what would your advice be to other families going through tragedies like this where their business is falling, their hearts are broken, as well as losing their homes or facing that, what do they turn to? who do they turn to? >> you have to look inward as well. obviously we've had amazing help from family and friends and without that support action we wouldn't be where we are today. you also look inward and see what kind of think outside of the box so far as financially. >> kelly: louise, an author who has been through a lot of circumstances, but overcoming them. and the terminal etiquette is what you coined the phrase and writing books for children.
4:51 am
you can actually see the books or get the books by going to our web site at thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> kelly: the tables turned on a newspaper that published the name and address of everyone with a gun permit. now the editor's information is out there. is that legal? we're debating it all next. then pushy parents, listen up. this girl just got a restraining order against her mom and dad. why, you might ask? well, because they wouldn't leave her alone at school. first on this day in 1993, "hero" by mariah carey was the number one song [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2!
4:52 am
whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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4:54 am
>> juliet: 7:53 east coast time. we've been telling you about the new york area newspaper that published a map with the names and addresses of gun owners in their area. now one blogger is turning the table. he's publishing the names and addresses of those who work for the new journal. >> i just thought they were being hypocrites. in the aftermath of newtown, it was obviously one tragedy, but somehow they were equating legal gun owners with some devil up in
4:55 am
newtown. and putting the two together. i was offended by that and i wondered how they would like it if their addresses were published. >> juliet: let's debate the legality and i guess ethics of this. joining us for a fair and balanced debate is defense attorney joey jackson and former prosecutor and defense attorney, jonna stillberg. very quickly, before we go further, let's get a statement from the journal news who did this printing of the addresses. quote, massacre in newtown remains top of mind for our readers. they're understandably interested to know about guns in their neighborhood. we obtained the names and addresses of residents legally. that is true. you can file under the freedom of information act our request to get that information is very available. the fact is you have to go -- it's a process to do that, it's not just thrown out there as let's say sex offenders in your neighborhood. >> exactly. but that's the implication. they're treating these legal gun
4:56 am
owners and oh, by the way, none of them were involved in the newtown shooting. they're treating them as if they're registered sex offenders that we should all be wary of. that is not okay. perfectly legal to own a gun. just as it's perfectly legal to out them. but why? why? it was for an agenda, unethical even though it's legal and she should be ashamed of themselves. >> juliet: had this information been available before, what would have changed, if anything? >> i think in general, people are outraged. the shooting, there is violence. in our democracy, people can do what they do. if the paper wanted and thought it was appropriate to inform the community to make choices where they can go or children might go, that was up to them. listen, there are members in this country. gun ownership, very important. but with that comes responsibility. that responsibility is if the information is public, if the licensing means that people should be aware of it, then you know what, take the good with the bad. it's okay. >> juliet: in the wake of newtown with the obviously and understandly with people's
4:57 am
emotions and people's nerves frayed, that information does not become -- it takes a different tinge, like yelling fire. >> absolutely. the journal news is trying to vilify people who own guns. and you know joey that you're not going to go to the neighbor's because then a gun. you're not going to look it up. we wouldn't have looked this up. but for newtown, which is totally -- >> it's a fair pointful but i think they provide a service. listen, the bottom line is that gun ownership, people are going to have them, but there is the other amendment, that's the first. if the information is available and if they have an opinion and they want to express that by publishing people's addresses, then so be it. we have to respect all amendments, not just the second. >> including the employee's addresses, perfectly legal. >> juliet: let us know what you think and you can tweet me. coming up, smokers beware. this new year means new laws
4:58 am
against you, like no smoke breaks at work in some areas. then he's a veteran with three jobs, but he's still doing his part to pay down the national debt. what our lawmakers can learn from his personal plan coming up people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. you're not filming this, are you? aw! camera shy. snapshot from progressive. test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today.
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we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> juliet: good morning, everybody. it's friday, december 28, i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen
5:01 am
carlson. it's the last cliff call, avoiding falling over could all come down to what happens inside the white house today. we're live in washington in moments. >> kelly: russia's president putin playing politics with kids' lives. trying to settle a score with the united states. we'll explain. >> eric: the warning for pushy parents like me. this girl just got a restraining order against mom and dad like me because they wouldn't leave her alone at school. is that fair? there is a lot more to that story. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> kelly: welcome, everyone. third round of "fox & friends" right now. we've been enjoying you all morning. hopefully you're doing the same with us. but could we possibly, eric and juliet, could we possibly be on the verge of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff?
5:02 am
you are looking live right now at the white house. that's where something big is going to be going on. just about seven hours from now, it will be the sight of a high stakes meeting with president obama and the leaders of congress. and to weigh in on this is doug, live in washington more details. >> good morning. they're going to be talking today and maybe that in and of itself is something of an achievement. issues will be on the table in that room in the white house as they all gather around and one of the items that's being discussed here in washington, believe it or not, is the price of milk. more on that in just a moment. but the president did, in fact, return early from his vacation in hawaii yesterday. he is coming back for this big meeting at the white house. we don't know if there is a new white house strategy here or if there is going to a new offer from the president, but many republicans are not terribly hopeful. >> any time you announce a meeting publicly in washington, it's usually for political theater purposes. nothing good ever comes from it. there is one thing you have to
5:03 am
do in politics. if the president meets with a foreign leader, you want to make sure you know what is going to happen at the meeting. when the president calls congressional leaders to the white house, it's all political theater, or they've got a deal. my bet is it's all political theater. >> today's meeting will cap off a week of finger pointing here on capitol hill. the senate has been meeting, but on matters unrelated to the fiscal cliff. the house will not meet until sunday, it looks like. there was a particularly pointed comment yesterday from senate majority leader harry reid aimed at republican house speaker john boehner. >> the american people i don't think understand the house of representatives is operating without the house of representatives. it's being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker, not allowing the vast majority of house of representatives to get what they want. >> here was the speaker's response to that comment. senator reid should talk less and legislate more.
5:04 am
the house already passed legislation to avoid the entire fiscal cliff. senate democrats have not. now, this will bring us back to the price of milk. this is not technically part of the fiscal cliff, but it's because congress was not able to pass a farm bill this year. because of some strange 1949 price supports, the price of milk could skyrocket at your local grocery store. could go up a few dollars gallon if we revert back to that 1949 law. congress would like to fix this. it may be part of any kind of final fiscal cliff solution if there is one. back to you guys. >> eric: thanks. >> juliet: thanks. >> eric: can we just start calling it the obama cliff? this white house, president obama and his advisors are very, very politically savvy. they realize that if there is no deal that gets done, we go over the fiscal cliff or the obama cliff and everything that gets kicked into gear, higher tax rates, some of the spending cuts, sequestration, probably good for the economy, which i believe is, but also he can come back in after the first of the
5:05 am
year, sometime in january or february and say, let's pass some tax cuts for people making under $250,000 a year, like i've wanted to do all along and he gets to own tax cuts. it's very, very politically senator to do this on his part. on right, they really, really needed to be one voice and they just couldn't get to that. >> kelly: he divided the republicans as charles krauthammer alluded to, saying that's what the president wanted to do, to divide the republicans. senator john barrasso has something to say about the president, saying he may have wanted to do this all along, go off the fiscal cliff. >> i think that he sees a lot of cuts to the military, which the democrats have been after for a long time. and then he gets to do what he loves to do, which is blame republicans. my concern is that i actually see financial problems for our nation at the bottom of the cliff. the president was really interested in the level of the debt we have in this country, the $16 trillion, we would have had a budget pass the senate sometime in the last three years. he proposed a budget, none of the democrats even voted for it.
5:06 am
>> juliet: remember, they're having a meeting in a few hours and with all the sniping going back and forth, particularly from janer and harry reid, they'll be in that little room together. it should be interesting. >> eric: brass sew makes a good point and i agree that president obama probably wanted to go over the cliff from the very beginning, but i don't agree where he said at the bottom of the fiscal cliff is something bad for america. it will be tough medicine to take, we've been talking about it, spending cuts to defense, no one wants to see that, taxes go up, no one wants that, but it's the only way to get the economy back on track with this spiraling debt that's really, really threatening to ruin the whole economy. >> kelly: you make a very good point. let's see what some of the viewers are saying. dan from augusta, georgia, says let's go over the cliff. reduce the debt ceiling and curb spending. kind of what you were saying. we will officially feel a punch, but the value of the dollar will eventually rebound. what we now make, even if a little less, will be worth so much more. >> juliet: we have a tweet from
5:07 am
julie. why can't the government run the country the way i run my household? i pay my bills on time and i have a budget. that's a tweet. >> eric: stop being dems and republicans, citizens of one country. that's a fantastically accurate treat. it's both sides pointing the finger. kind of laughing, going back to the districts, they're all making their 175 grand a year, they're spending 124 days on vacation. the cadillac insurance policy. >> juliet: let's go to other headlines. russian president putin is trying to make a political point at the expense of orphans. just a short time ago, putin signed a bill that bans americans from adopting russian children. it's retaliation for a u.s. law cracking down on russian human rights violators here in the united states.
5:08 am
one american family in the process of adopting is now left in limbo. >> these children are not available to international adoption until after they've been on a domestic registry for at least eight months. now, in our son's case, 22 families, russian families, came to see him and rejected him because of his blood line. >> juliet: kim summers and her husband have been going back and forth to russia to deal with their child that they were hoping to bring over very, very soon. kim says she doesn't know if she's ever going to see this little boy again that she has nurtured and spent time with. more than 60,000 russian children have been taken in by americans over the past two decades and that family was on o'reilley, laura ingraham was filling in and she has adopted two children from russia. for the second time this month, person has been pushed in front of a subway train here in new york. a man was killed last night when witnesses say a woman who had
5:09 am
been talking to herself, pushed him onto the tracks, his back was turned. police don't know if they knew the woman. the bush family confident george h.w. bush will soon be out of intensive care. the 41st president has been elevated -- had an elevated fever, but we're told his condition is not dire. chief of staff says is he sick? yeah. does he plan on going anywhere soon? no. he has every intention of saying put. he would ask me to tell to you please put the harps back in the closet. becker added, the care at methodist hospital is unequaled. we'll have a live report outside the hospital at the bottom of this hour. moving on, the nation is mourning the loss of an american hero, general herbert norman schwarzkopf, known as storming norman and bear, has died of complications from pneumonia. he commanded the u.s.-led international coalition that drove saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait back in 1991. that was operation desert storm.
5:10 am
former president george h.w. bush organized that coalition. he approved a statement while in intensive care. he says, general norman schwarzkopf to me epitomized the country creed that, is defended our freedom and seen this great nation through our most trying international crisis. more than that, he was a good and decent man and a dear friend. he received honor after honor, including vietnam serving there three silver stars, general norman schwarzkopf, he was 78 years old. he was young. great man. >> kelly: here is something for all parents to be concerned about, as well as children who are going off to college. the topic is how this cincinnati girl gets a restraining order against her helicopter parents, calling them pushy parents, and what do you think about this? >> eric: we need to point out they're pushy parents because apparently this girl, aubrey, is maybe an honors student, a very
5:11 am
good student, but says her parents have a helicopter following her around because they think she's up to no good. >> juliet: maybe she's showing up on her doorstep and accusing her of doing drugs and being a partier. so aubrey says it's just really been embarrassing and upset to go have my parents come to my university when i'm a grown adult and slander my name and follow me around. >> kelly: she's going to school on a scholarship. she's on the dean's list. so apparently she's doing a lot of things right. but i think first of all, she's beautiful, so mom and dad are saying, we want to check up on you, young lady. >> eric: as a father of a 14-year-old, i'm going to stick up for the parents on this one. >> juliet: oh, come on! is she on scholarship? >> eric: full scholarship? >> juliet: i don't know. i'm not sure. >> eric: does she go to her own apartment that she pays for? >> juliet: probably.
5:12 am
i don't wye would they be going to the university? >> eric: she's 100% on her own, okay, she's got a point. >> kelly: is she a freshman? is she under 21? >> juliet: as we are being pointed out in our ear piece, the judge and obviously approved this and the school also backs her up. >> eric: why don't you let us know what you think, e-mail us, let us know if you think it's okay for parents to keep an eye on their kids even if they're 18. >> kelly: i think that's okay to keep up with them. maybe not to the degree that they do, but it certain israeli refreshing to know parents still care about her and she'll appreciate that one day. >> eric: vote with me, will you please. >> juliet: i don't know about this. let us know what you think. next up, he's a veteran with three jobs, but he's still doing his part to pay down the national debt and he wants your help. there he is. i saw him yesterday on fox newses. >> eric: did you? >> juliet: he's coming in to elaborate more today. >> eric: then a new meaning to
5:13 am
heavy metal. this kid's amazing drum show on his mom's washing machine. this kid has talent with the spark miles card from capital one, thor gets great rewards for his small business! your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics. put it on my spark card. ow. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait!
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5:15 am
>> kelly: with the national debt climbing past $16 trillion, one businessman has decided enough is enough. he's going to do his part to solve the country's fiscal crisis. scott has spent the last two years sending a portion of his earnings -- you heard me, sending a portion of his earnings to help fix the debt and now has come up with a plan that actually cuts the debt one dollar at a time. joining us now is former army captain and small business owner scott susie. what a pleasure to have you on. >> what a pleasure to be here. thank you so much.
5:16 am
>> kelly: you're super charged, a go getter, you served this country. we thank you for your service. now you're serving your country by giving back. how are you doing this? >> we're doing it one dollar at a time. and this is how it works. how many times do you get paid. >> kelly: four times a month. >> we're looking for $4 out of you in a debt buster month. there are four debt buster months in a year. i'm looking for 16 bucks out of you. >> kelly: i could do that. >> you could do that. >> kelly: i would love to. >> isn't it great? that's the reaction that 80 to 90% of the time we get, is that i want to do this. i want to commit to it and i want to help you out. >> kelly: if every american did this, if they got on board saying i'm going to give a dollar here and there, how would it help getting out of the debt crisis? >> it's a huge good faith offer from the american people to congress. we want to help. two years ago when i started this, my son challenged me to find a solution and this is my solution that i came up with. so my son came up with slogan.
5:17 am
he's a great young man and he was concerned. he came to me and he said dad, fix this problem. i know you're a solutions guy. come up with something and let's get this done. >> kelly: one nation messed us up, one nation can fix it. i always say when we talk about the debt crisis and what's going on and the brokenness in our government between republicans and democrats on capitol hill, they can't find common bond, this is a common bond where we can all pitch in and help and say, we're proud of our country. >> our debt is not broken up into democrat or republican debt. this is the common ground that we have together. so when we all get together and do this, that 16 bucks a year can be amplified in accordance with to eric bolling estimates $8 billion that we can generate just from civilians. >> kelly: people always say, i give to the government, and they just go out and blow it. >> and that's the great part of this is we've designed it where we make out the checks for a
5:18 am
specific purpose. we show you thousand do that on our web site, or go to, a local state representative who endorses the program, and we show you how to write out your check. we purpose it for the national debt. therefore, it must be used for that. >> kelly: let's show a full screen of what's going on so far. so far, $7 million in personal checks. that's only enough to keep the economy running for three minutes. but just three minutes. >> that's a victory. 7 million bucks, that's generosity and that is such a -- the massive reachout and a massive good faith effort on the american citizens to congress it help them. we'll take it from the top. you guys take it from the bottom. we'll meet somewhere in the middle. let's get this done. >> kelly: you donated around $500. >> yes, sir. the best part of it all is when companies do it. companies that do millions of transactions in a month, now you're talking we can reach into the trillions and that's when we do the real debt busting. so companies join with me, our national debt busting company,
5:19 am
let's get this done. >> kelly: former army captain. >> he was all over me yesterday. >> kelly: what about a contribution that's tax deductible. we got to go. the president promised to fix the gun culture that's happening in america right now. but will he be able to crack down on it? what the makers of violent movies? some of them are his biggest supporters. then smokers, beware. we've got news to tell you, the new year means new laws against you. like no smoke break at work anymore. ouch. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way.
5:20 am
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>> juliet: three police officers were shot this morning at a police station in gloucester township, new jersey. one officer in surgery. all are expected to be okay. a witness describing a frantic scene. >> rick: heard a bunch of police cars coming from camden, lyndon mall, all over. they locked down the police station and then the crime scene
5:23 am
lab. >> juliet: the suspected gunman shot dead. it will be even harder moving on for smokers to find a place to light up in 2013. state employees in delaware and at 3 m corporation will no longer get to go outside for a quick smoke break. north dakota also banning smoking in most public places. eric? >> eric: thank you. in the wake of the sandy hook school shooting, president obama talked about addressing the violent culture. listen. >> i also task the vice president with leading an effort to come up with a comprehensive set of serious proposals to keep our children safe, including strengthening school safety, improving mental health care and addressing a culture that too often glorifies guns a violence. >> eric: isn't hollywood part of america's gun culture? as we peek, warner brothers is planning a big screen adaptation of the video game "mass effects," which has been mentioned in the wake of the shooting in newtown. and the president gets a lot of money from warner brothers and
5:24 am
others. very important to note that president obama gets a lot of money from the warner brothers. barry myer at worner brothers or i guess barry bundled money for obama. and quentin terrentino, harvey weinstein also involved in the reelection. these people all produce violent films, do they not? >> that's absolutely right. and as a matter of fact, the "new york times" referred to warner brothers as a studio with violence in its bones. we're talking movies like "dirty harry," the batman movies the "dark knight rises," the shooter, james holmes, thought he was the joker. and now we have massive effect being talked about because the brother of the shooter had liked it on his facebook page and the early media reports mixed it up and thought he was the guy. but still the central point is that obama is a beneficiary of this industry. just in august, his wife, michelle, was at barry myers'
5:25 am
home and that's where people were paying up to $25,000 a plate, top executives at warner brothers, just to give to the obama campaign. >> eric: i know "call of duty," one of the scenes in that literally, it's called first person shooter, which means you're pulling the trigger of the gun. the scene is you can go up an escalator and it opens up into an airport where you can literally shoot, blow away multiple innocent victims, people just trying to get on airplanes. is this the culture that we need to speak about when we try and figure out what goes through a mass murderer's mind? >> well, i think there is a lot of people who believe that. i'd say that's open for debate. but when the president of the united states starts talking about culture and the white house has done it by my count at least three times now, twice by the president and at least once through jay carney saying they're going to address culture in any gun control plan, that's an issue. because as journalists we watch and say why is the president of the united states trying to get involved in culture? how is that going to take place?
5:26 am
that's a serious issue no matter where you fall on, whether these violent video games influence people. i tend to believe people like this are psycho. >> eric: we hear about the president and his commission that they want to look into gun rights, gun laws. but we don't hear them looking into the violence in movies. is it because he gets a lot of support from these movie houses? >> i think that at the end of the day that's exactly right. i think you'll see that president obama doesn't want to mess with hollywood. he is, as i mentioned, a beneficiary of hollywood. he's a hollywood president. hollywood hogan, this is hollywood obama. he's the guy who totally is responsive to hollywood. hollywood loves him and adores him and i don't think that relationship is going to change. >> eric: so do you think this -- this situation will continue to bundle money for democratic campaigns and the democrats who are holding office will look the other way had it comes to really investigating what the culture of violence is in america?
5:27 am
>> i can't speak for all democrats, but i do know that the president has been beholden to his donors in the past in a variety of capacities and hollywood is just the latest of donors. i'm sure that president obama is going to be maintaining a tight relationship with them. barry myer, the head of warner brothers, was in the white house in june of this year and he's been there a couple of times since obama has been the president. >> eric: we'll leave it there. vince from the daily caller, thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: next up, we've been talking about this, a newspaper publishing the name of every gun owner in the area in the three counties. now one law maker wants to make it illegal. should it be? then, new meaning to the phrase heavy metal. this kid's amazing drum show on his mom's washing machine coming up.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> kelly: what a great kid. it's injure shot of the morning. who knew a washing machine could produce such sound and sound so good? this talented ten-year-old boy shows us how. he goes on for a minute doing this, making music on the machine. he's reportedly taken drum lessons for only a year, but obviously these moves are
5:31 am
self-taught and i think other kids who see this may be doing it. >> juliet: i like the finale, going inside. he could probably make money. >> kelly: he could go to broadway. >> juliet: i'm not kidding. if you haven't been to nobody, there are really good subway performers. >> kelly: we should get him on. bring the washing machine and watch him do it live. what do you think? >> juliet: then we could have the door closed. >> eric: time is running out on a labor union deal that could result in 15,000 workers striking at over a dozen ports from boston all the way down to houston. the strike could cost billions laughers a day and force shipping costs to rise. phil keating is live in miami, florida. this is really, really an issue. some massive amount, a big percent am of our import and exports goes through these ports. what's the latest on the strike? >> the crucial aspects here still being negotiated are wages
5:32 am
and critically what's called container royalty fees. these are salary supplements paid to the workers based on each ton the container weighs. the ship companies want to cap those at last year's levels. the 15,000 long shoremen do not want to see a freeze on what they consider an extra, but part of their salaries. so at midnight sunday morning, if both sides do not work this out, big container import-export ports like miami, will see stacks and stacks of containers going nowhere. they contain electronics, nonperrishable, food parts, airline parts, computer componentses, tiles, clothing, not just things coming in from the world, but also u.s. products meant to sell overseas. florida's governor and the national retail federation are asking president obama to invoke make a strike illegal as a national emergency, saying shutting down these ports is not an option. florida has three big impacted
5:33 am
ports worth half a million jobs and $60 billion to the state economy. but from boston to new york, new jersey, all the way around to houston, texas, same story. jobs and these ports represent hundreds of billions of dollars worth of consumer products. goods that flow for thousands of miles inland, so a strike is estimated to cost more than $1 billion a day. >> so it's not just the local port area that would be affected by a strike, but the entire region and the state and going nationally as well. >> the shipping companying and the international long shoremen's association are in secret meeting with mediators. saturday night is the deadline and many fear that if the u.s. does go over the fiscal cliff and the strike happens, that will be a knockout one-two punch to the economy, triggering perhaps a recession. back to you in new york. >> juliet: wow. all right. good to see you. >> eric: a lot of things get
5:34 am
impoured and exported. but automobiles, a lot of oil and gas products come in. you could see if this thing goes through, a container cliff, that goes through, you could see prices of a lot of things going up. >> kelly: long shoremen make a lot of money. they do quite well. a lot of people are depending on this kind of profession for their livelihood. >> juliet: speak of seeing where it goes, we'll go to the headlines. hillary clinton set to return to work next week. she's been out for three weeks with a stomach virus and concussion. she missed her date to testify on what she knew about the benghazi attack. earlier jeff duncan said the american still have questions for her. >> we want to know what happened leading up to benghazi, what happened the night of the attack, why certain assets weren't brought to bear to rescue four americans that lost their lives there. and ultimately what happened in the aftermath with the obama administration and their intent to mislead the american people.
5:35 am
>> juliet: some senators reportedly refusing to confirm john kerry as her successor until clinton testifies. brand-new photos showed north korea has repaired flooding damage at its nuclear test facility and could launch its next missile test in as little as two weeks. that's the analysis of the u.s.-korea institute at johns hopkins. report says there is still water streaming out of a tunnel this which could post problems. could the answer to adam lanza's rampage be found in his dna? the gunman's dna will be looked at for abnormalities or mutations that could indicate a tendency toward violence. experts are calling this a first of its kind study. concerns have been raised over a stigma could be attached to people found to have certain genetic characteristics. l.a. reed may not be the only judge missing from the x factor panel last year. sources say britney spears could be getting the boot.
5:36 am
she didn't bring enough ratings for her $15 million contract. others said she was boring. eric, you're not borrowing. >> eric: are you available? >> juliet: i may be actually. >> eric: carlton fisk pleading guilty to misdemeanor dui. he'll have to serve one year of court supervision and pay $1,250 for court costs. he was found passed out in his car two months ago in a corn field with an open bottle of sod cap. another day, another snub to tim tebow from the jets. mcelroy out because of a concussion. so rex ryan comes back to mark sanchez, even though he was demoted a week ago and couldn't win a game he says sanchez is more familiar with the defense. bad start in brooklyn for the nets. avery johnson fired as head coach after going 3-10 in december. they started 14-4 and johnson
5:37 am
was named the nba's coach of the month in october and november, but now he's gone. reports are that the nets are looking to recruit 11-time champion phil jackson to fill his spot. that would be a good one. back over to you. >> juliet: i think they're going to get a lot of flak for that. >> kelly: he'll probably want part ownership. i guarantee you. that's what happened with the l.a. deal. >> eric: jay-z can give up his ownership. >> kelly: yeah, right. i don't think that's going to happen. let's take a look at this brand-new surveillance video. it shows the moment a tornado actually struck -- look at this. >> juliet: look at the car! >> kelly: outside a walgreens. we're seeing the tornadic activity. you can see the strong winds lifting up the cars in the parking lot and fortunately no one was seriously hurt. >> juliet: that is the best
5:38 am
video i've seen avid i don't doing damage to massive objects like that. wild weather that caused that tornado not over yet. maria molina is outside. doesn't look like it's tornado activity today. actually looks pretty decent. >> it does look decrept. we have sunshine, clouds. but it is on the cold side. temperatures below freezing out here in new york city, 31 degrees out here. as we head westbound, he is much, much worse. in minneapolis, 19 degrees. rapid city, 2 below zero. of course, you factor in the wind chill temperature and those will be below what the thermometer reads on that temperature map. otherwise as far as precipitation goes, we do have snow right now across iowa, minnesota, wisconsin and also northern parts of indiana andhiy going to be our next storm system that will be moving into the northeast as we head into your saturday. on the southern end of that storm system, we have areas of rain in louisiana, mississippi, and moving in through western portions of the state of tennessee. if you click ahead, you'll see the time line here on the storm
5:39 am
system. by saturday morning, we will be seeing some snowflakes here in new york city and also across upstate new york, pennsylvania, and portions of the mid atlantic. dc could be seeing snowflakes. accumulations will be generally light. the storm system will be a quick mover, out of here by sunday. there will be windy conditions with the storm and also after the storm on sunday as that sunshine returns. snowfall accumulations on the next map, again, very light. generally three inches of snow. but higher amounts across eastern connecticut, massachusetts, and rhode island. over six inches will be possible. back to you in the studio. >> kelly: thank you. >> juliet: thanks. we've been telling but this newspaper that published the addresses of people who had gun permits. you look at this map, it's like clusters of red dots. now some blogger decided he was going to publish the addresses and names of the people who are in charge of creating this in the newspaper.
5:40 am
so that could raise a budge of problems, including legal questions. >> eric: new york state senator, i was on with him yesterday, he wants to create a law that prohibits this from happening. listen to what he had to say. >> it's not illegal. that's why we have to misa piece of legislation. this isn't the first time the editorial board had done it. they did it before. we have a bipartisan bill, even in the assembly, democratic sponsors in the assembly and they're pretty liberal. this can get done. this isn't about the second amendment. it's about a privacy issue. they shouldn't have done it. so now we need to make sure it's illegal. retired police, there is no way that this paper should have made this accessible for criminals and nut jobs. we have seen in recent history what a nut is capable of. >> eric: and state senator points out that this newspaper has done this only for law abiding citizens who happen to have gun permits. not for pedophiles. not for sexual predators. not for anyone who has broken the law in any other way, just specifically this up with.
5:41 am
very liberal, liberal newspaper. >> kelly: let's show you recent polls of what they're saying out there about -- these are three separate polls to talk about gun control and what do people think about the issue. 51% of americans oppose the ban on assault republics. then you have 64% of americans actually supporting arming school officials. and 54% of americans have a favorable opinion of the nra. >> juliet: these are three separate polls. it's not one poll. so we're grabbing from different polls. >> eric: and again, by the way, those little dots on the map indicated only hand gun permits. not concealed carry permits and you don't -- there is no requirement for a permit to own a shotgun. so some of the other people who aren't red dotted feel like they're becoming targets saying, hey, if i don't have a red dot on my address, a predator or criminal may come to my house instead of one that has a red dot. remember, criminals, all you
5:42 am
people, they still might have a shotgun. and that can make you as dead as hand guns. >> juliet: when you try to get that information from the freedom of information act, it doesn't tell you the specific type of weaponry that they have there. >> eric: or when the last time they had the gun in the house. it could be from a 1965 permit. >> juliet: that's true. >> kelly: the debate continues throughout the country. meantime, president obama's epa chief resigned and her reason? it may be just a cover-up, according to some. the guy who uncovered her secret e-mails is coming up next. >> juliet: plus, just in time for new year. a hangover cure that can be found in your fridge so you don't have one of these nights. >> you okay, buddy? >> no, i am in so much pain right now. oh, my god. it's gone i love 'em even more. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, evertime. !
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5:45 am
>> juliet: 8:44 east coast. the nation's 41st president remains in intensive care. george h.w. bush's chief of staff saying, quote, is he sick? yes. does he plan on going anywhere soon? no. he has every intention of staying put. he would ask me to tell you to please put the harps back in the closet. kriv reporter donnelly keith live outside methodist hospital in houston. they say it's a great hospital. tell us what's happening. >> yeah, this is the texas medical center and former president george h.w. bush has been in intensive care here since sunday at methodist hospital. we're told his condition is described as guarded condition.
5:46 am
we're told that he is communicating and conscious. but we're also told that he still very much has a sense of humor and just as you said, in his hospital bed he said tell the world, quote, to put the harps back in the closet. so so many people were encouraged to hear that he at least still has his sense of humor, although he is in icu and likely have to be in the hospital for some time. he was checked in to the hospital the day after thanksgiving battling severe bronchitis and he's also suffered with complications due to that bronchitis, including persistent fever and severe cough that just won't seem to go away. doctors have been hopeful he would be able to go home by christmas, but unfortunately, that did not happen. so former president george h.w. bush spent christmas day at the methodist hospital in the texas medical center in houston. his wife, barbara, was by his side, his son neil, his grandson. unfortunately, he did not have a traditional christmas meal, but we're told family members brought chinese food to him on christmas day.
5:47 am
we're told he pretty much really enjoyed that meal on christmas day. so he's been in icu since sunday and hospital officials are telling us he will likely have to be in the hospital a good deal longer. the former president is 88 years old and doctors are telling us they are cautiously optimistic that he will make a full recovery. >> juliet: it sounds like his family is, too. donnelly keith, thanks very much for that report. kelly, over to you. >> kelly: thank you. as head of the environmental protection agency announced that she is stepping down from her post. lisa jackson resigned yesterday in the midst of an investigation into her use of a secret alias e-mail account. >> eric: her e-mail is about to become public thanks to our next guest who sued to access her e-mails and says that, those e-mails, contributed to her resignation. christopher horner is a senior fellow and author of "the liberal war on transparency." chris, something strikes me.
5:48 am
hillary clinton obtained a concussion the day before she was supposed to testify on the benghazi issue, the consulate and the deaths of the americans in benghazi. lisa jackson is stepping down couple of days, maybe weeks before her e-mails from this alias account will get exposed. any coincidence? >> another one, treasury department official of who they've admitted to me in court of having 7300 e-mails discuss ago carbon tax which they won't discuss with me quietly said he'll pursue other opportunities. scrutiny doesn't do the most transparent administration ever many favors. there are coincidences in life, particularly here in make believe land in washington. but the fact is, you can't get around with all of their spin the critical point here. we found her creating a false identity for federal record keeping purposes and if your viewers aren't sure whether that's an issue, i'm not recommending do you it. but if you do it with the irs,
5:49 am
tell me what they tell you about the propriety of that. so she had to go. it was a matter of when, not if. last week the department of justice agreed to start turning over these e-mails in two weeks. so i started an overunder on when she would begin spending time with her family. >> kelly: what are you expecting to find in these particular e-mails that will be released, according to what i'm reading about what you've uncovered so far is that she was operating under an alias account called richard windsor, of course, she's not a man and richard windsor, as we understand, does not exist. >> right. we expect to find 12,000 e-mails specifically about their back door war on coal after that was defeated through the proper democratic process. by, which by their design of somebody who doesn't exist, are e-mails that desperately didn't want the public to see. we're in court on this war on coal through the back door anyway and we're hoping to find candid discussions about their recognition of the very tenuous legal basis, the extremely tenuous scientific basis.
5:50 am
what they were saying about the climategate scandals and so on and the premise for this enormous economic dislocation they're going to cause. on its face, we know these are 12,000 e-mails they didn't want us to see. >> eric: chris, will we never hear from lisa jackson? can you get these e-mails and she goes off on her merry way? >> that will be up to congress. there is a pattern of people leaving before actual accountability is to be drawn and i suppose that will be her accountability. i don't expect her to suffer any other consequences other than pursuing other consequence. she's apparently to be head of a energy company that wants favors from epa or princeton. it's more important. we got legal proceedings to stop this massive economic dislocation. hopefully these candid discussions in the name of a false identity will shed light on that case. >> kelly: chris, we thank you
5:51 am
for joining us and discussing this case that you're now pursuing. >> thank you. >> eric: coming up, the two things you'll need to know for new year's. great easy cocktails and a hangover cure you can find in the fridge. >> kelly: let's check in with gregg jarrett for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> it's not my fridge. president obama set to meet today with house and senate leadership to make one more attempt to avoid going over the cliff. one prominent senator says hey, this meeting feels more like optics than anything real. are we skeptical? we'll have a fair and balanced debate. are dozens of law schools guilty of legal ethics violations? not mine. legal panel is here to weigh in on that in "america's newsroom" [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price.
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>> juliet: 83:53 east coast. just in time for new year's, researchers says hangovers can
5:07 am
be prevented with this, the beautiful asparagus. it's containing certain amino acids and minerals that guard against toxins, ultimately relieving the unpleasant hangover side effects. i guess you eat it before? i don't know. before the hangover comes the cocktails. here to help us toast to the new year is jonathan. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> juliet: rough segment i have here. we'll start with the new year's ma'am bow. >> this is deliver to celebrate the new year. i have some fresh raspberries down here. i have van gogh vodka, raspberry flavored, great for mixing cocktails. an ounce of that in there. this is an agave neglector from the guys at imonin. >> juliet: it does not have alcohol in it? >> it does not. correct. freshly squeezed lemon juice. pumpkin pie spice, a dash of that. i'm going to give that a little shake. >> juliet: any little techniques so give us on how to make the
5:08 am
best shaker deal there? >> use a glass. that's called a boston shaker. that will give you the best cocktail. straining that out to the glass. proseco. >> juliet: can you serve ice? >> i know. >> juliet: i like everything with ice, yes. >> so that's the new year's drink. >> juliet: that's beautiful. next we have the mow tito. >> a classic drink. it has coconut milk, condensed sweetened milk. >> juliet: this is like a thicker, creamier drink. like a dessert drink? >> exactly. it's the holidays. that's it. put it in a blender. >> juliet: the counsel cells should be drinking that. this is my punch. makers mark bourbon, peach
5:09 am
puree, bitters, ginger beer. >> juliet: does bitters have alcohol in it. >> it does. >> juliet: a lot of people think it doesn't. because it's in ginger ale. >> it sure does. that has a little sage and candy ginger. that's terrific to ring in the new year. i'm going to top it off and give you a little bit of this. cali sparkling. there you you are. >> juliet: we're throw ago lot of champagne in? >> we are. toasting. speaking of champagnes and other sparkling wines, this is from spain. sparkling wines, different places in the u.s. and in the country around the country, i have different sparkling wines. i have chandon, proseco from italy. >> juliet: with a little straw there. >> fun minis. >> juliet: for people who have no desire to make their own drinks. thank you very much. we'll get all this information out on our web site.
5:10 am
>> >> juliet: thank you so much. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be back in two minutes. stay with us [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. . . with the spark cash card from capital one,
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